The kill

It all started with a lie,
a small one,
but still, a little goodbye.
And I held my breath,
when you said these words.
‘I love you’ but now still, it hurts.
You only wanted to kill
every single smile.
You said ‘wait for a while’.
And you started to think.
Without taking care of my heart.
It would sink.
You screamed ‘I’m Sorry’.
When you throw me over the edge
and you sat next to my body.
Without knowing I’m dead.
But you whispered little
words in my ear.
‘Come back, i need you,
I need you here’.
You weren’t thinking then, my dear.
So I woke up and saw a light.
It was the sun,
reflecting from a knife.
And I heard this little thing:
‘I only saved you to kill’.

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