I gave you all i had to give

I gave you all i had to give
I gave you all that i could give
I gave you the will you needed to live
I lost my heart,loved you without any questions
I gave you advice and even suggestions
I watched you grow you made me proud
I dreamed of our life ,i was drifting on a cloud
The road was winding filled with hurt so meen
But happiness was on its way,baby you were clean
It was damn hard work but the fun was still to come
Finally no problems,the worse was overcome
We walked the road together hand in hand.so in love
All our friends they could see us ,you and me like turtle doves
When you slept id roll against you,feeling safe and oh so true
Knowing that the best was to come, the best for me and you,
The road was straight and our love was free
To blossem and grow as a branch on a tree
Id given you the loveing, i could do nothing more
Just wait and hope that my love youd not ignore
The promises were many,,the truth was to few
I waited and prayed that even that we,d get threw
I judged you no longer just wanted one fair chance
The chance i deserved,not just a minute, not a quick glance
Now your back and your healing
Gone is all the hustling and dealing
Baby you were mine,in heart and soul
He loved me just as i did him, finally our goal
Times were still hard but whats to expect
You had a big problem but i stayed with you,thats no object
Now the crying was over and the fun could begin
You kept on finding problems,,i could never win
I gave you all i had to give,i cant possibly give more
You took all my advice became a man and then you found the door
Why fight for love when its so easy to run
Well let me tell you babe, loves not only fun
Loves helping and supporting, dealing with all the pain
Love sits deep in your heart,love keeps you sane ,
Love is being truthfull,without any barricades
Love gives you power ,it makes you shine even in the shade
Love is giving and taking,love has no limits to me
Love if you let it grow ,can pick you up and make you free
Free to live your life with your lover by you side
Free to be yourself, be proud and never hide
Free to make mistakes but the power to overwin them
Free to be a team , never broken always forgiven
Free to feel strong,free to feel weak and cry
With me at you side no barrier was to high
The only little thing i wanted was for you not to lie
Was i never worth the fun only around for the fight
Was i ever in your heart or just a star at night
Why couldnt you fight for what you believe
Why did you run and have to leave
I would have understood, i only wanted the best
I wanted us to be happy and fuck to all the rest
I want a fair chance,just one,thats not alot to ask
For all id been through,for you just one small task
I never did you wrong , never lied always faithfull
I never turned my back ,however hard it got,however hatefull
I proved my love to you , what more did you want
I loved you endlessly, but my cloud burst with a thump
Were you ever serious,or was i just a game
The worst is i,ll never no,just feel filled with all this shame
My heart is broken and my eyes filled with tears
My mind is all messed up and again full of fears
I made this boy a man and gave him his wings to fly
He flew,but not my way,just left me here to cry…

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