Reflection of love

Is this what you get for love.
Things that made me important,
or even a god.
Things that I did,
that wouldn’t make it better.
Those are the things
that would even shatter.
No fear I would feel,
or eventhough hurt I had.
It would come back
like hate and for seeing dead.

No man would have say,
our thought the way i did.
Because it would be forbidden
in the days he lived.
But I had no interest in that,
so what I did was maybe wrong.
But it wouldn’t keep me awake but even though I still hear it,
as a morning song.

Every day I had those dark
blurry sites.
Was it love,
or just hate I had to fight?
I don’t know what we had.
I just knew I would be mad.
Not even a little spark of regret.
It was just dark,
like someone faces his own death.

No, my hate would make no
difference at all.
I think it was destined
to foresee my own fall.
I couldn’t bear this
feelings any longer.
It would not stop my hate and hunger.
I had to make my own cure.
Probaly in something
I wouldn’t endure.

But no opinions had no chance,
or even made me fear.
It was, that was my ears
didn’t want to hear.
So I started to make a list.
With the first sentence that follows: “Love could not exist”
Like a river flows in one direction,
so would love not be a hate reflection.

I became what I wanted to be.
Alone with no love or a she.
I became an empty soul,
walking in a body that had no goal.
Love is an aspect of life
like people say.

I would agree,
because it ended my days…

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