Provoking Presence I

Invisible she appeared, sitting at the back of the class, unnoticed and numbly staring at images she doesn’t see.Anger acheing on her wrists, her presence further fades away; drowning into bitter existence and investigating her mind was she.

I can’t take it any longer,
this void I sence in life.
I never asked for torment
and I don’t need this knife.

Her motionless corpse remained seated where once her spirit was, noticed now by the infant creatures she found herself surrounded by.They gazed at her, despised, but also pleased by her anti-social looks, plotting against her, imagining any situation that might make her cry.

Yet if the bullying remains
(I can’t help thinking of that)
and they try to freak me out once more,
I’ll be the cause of their Death!

Suddenly she woke up with the releasing sound of the bell. She leaves and crosses the schoolyard, disgusted by other people’s life.Exiting the fences that encircle this diabolical place, she’s hit and forced to a wall, by two guys she was made immobile and on her throat was put a knife.
Who are they, what’s happening,
are they looking for a fight?
This knife however’s interesting,
I’d better stand upright.
I see through their façade,
I stare into their eyes,
happily provoking them
with a stare as cold as ice.

One boy falls into reality, uncomfortable by how violently they act; his eyes are wet as he leaves the scene abandoning his friend.The other laughs at her cynical face, caressing her soft white skin; scared about her situation (she whispers): “Do you think my life you dare end?”

I don’t like the situation,
though it may be a bit harsh,
as an attempt to scare him,
I’ll show him all my scars.

Her arm she did reveal and in an elegant swing it was held before his eyes, and so the boy’s awareness grew of the unforgiveable thing he did.Tremblingly he hit her leg with the steel nose of his shoe; she collapsed, he ran, shouting: “Next time your throat I’ll slit!”

Why do I have to bear this?
How can I be so strong?
Is merely being different, really
so unforgiveably wrong?

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