Provoking Presence II

Sadly, she left the abusive place she found herself in,
yet going home, she couldn’t help reflecting about the past.
Reflecting, she continuously angered about this ignorance,
would it happen again, it would surely be their last…

Why do I have to bear this?
How can I be so strong?
Is ignorance a reason
for actions truly wrong?

She finally arrived at home and in an angry state of mind,
she ran violently to her isolation, through the looks of her mother.
This place of eternal silence a lifetime worked as a cure,
but with her thoughts tormenting her, all she did was to bother.

Though I am in silence,
I cannot feel at ease.
With life now getting harder,
my mind, it yearns for peace.

How could this peace be final,
from this pain to be released?
Could I possibly achieve this,
with no torment deceased?

And so she sat in silence, uttering to herself
she achieved a temporary peace; just a mental numbness.
Infected with the poison of reality, consciousness faded away
into a misty otherworld, somewhere between life and darkness.

How could I let them have me?
Why tolerate this fright?
If their moves are righteous,
so too then when I fight!

I cannot solve these problems,
still there is another way.
Further options no more present,
so all of them I’ll slay!

In darkest ecstasy she was, indulging in her pain,
yet fading away, so was her weak grip on reality.
So finally she slept in a world where lies are true,
but once she did wake up, her eyes were veiled in misery.

Another day I live,
yet another day I’m dead.
To seduction I’ll give in,
so today blood might be shed…

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