A moment to fear

I’m scared to be left alone,
that darkness will close me
in within my soul.
I would lose the touch of reality.
A trail of shadows will always been creeping behind me,
following the path I will choose. The district of us being
together would fall once and for all.
Nor will I see or hear the evil surrounding me.
Nor will I feel the pain
that’s hunting for my body.
Separated in the deepest of my heart. Destruction would leave me bared naked and harmed.
Forgotten who i really am,
or at least was,
forgotten who I can trust.
Trust is having a knife ripping the flesh and skin of your back.
His eyes would rest on my body,
as my eyes would rest on the past. Drowning in my own fears I will
break bits by bits until there’s
nothing left to break down.
For he is my savoir and my destructor,
for he is what I want to live for, but will end up dying.
My heart will leak the pains
I have carried,
my heart will shine through the sorrow I’ve caused.
And all just to be with or stay
away from him.

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