Yesterday I opened my eyes, and I realized
yes I realized, in what a foolish world we live
men walking hand in hand, and every body seems to understand
Wealth nowadays, means money and a new car
Porn is the latest strategy to receive some love,
and it seems a lot of men can’t get enough
I myself think we all pretty fucked up,
and I am finding it a bit scary, that a lot of things
aren’t entitled, not even seen as extraordinary,

But what are you waiting for, go the American way
And I bet you will be happy, eventually on one day
You’ll have your kids, your own kingdom at park lane 89
With all the people you love and the things you like
But don’t forget that across the ocean,
and I mean very far of your kingdom away,
A lot of people have a smile on their face,
earning only a penny a day

So I sing a song, and the day just moves along
Yes I sing s song, and I don’t worry at all
Cause today no worries about silly Africans
Yes today it is al American.

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