The hedgehog

There once was a hedgehog crying all day long.
Along came a squirrel asking what was wrong.
The squirrel felt sorry and gave it a hug.
But then he shouted and called the hedgehog a thug.
The hedgehog just shrugged and cried even more.
His eyes started to burn and his throat was sore.
So he started walking towards the lake.
Along his way he came across the snake.
The snake felt very sorry but wanted to eat it as well.
He wasn’t interested in what the hedgehog had to tell.
But the hedgehog didn’t see it because of the tears in his eyes.
So the snake was a sudden and unpleasant surprise.
The snake opened his mouth to take a bite.
But then he shouted and ran off in fright.
Then the hedgehog then noticed and he slowed down his pace.
Can nobody love me? He cried into space.

Along came a fairy who had been watching all day.
She said she could help him but he had to repay.
She said she could release him from his pains with one magic spell.
But then he had to say all his friends farewell.
The hedgehog thought of it for a little while.
But then his tears dried and he said with a smile:
My friends might not hug me but the really care.
I know I can rely and that they always be there.
The fairy smiled and wiped the hedgehog last fallen tear.
Then she spoke: ‘my dear hedgehog, that was all I needed to hear’.

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