Do you ever get the feeling,
You don’t know what to do with your life,
Future filled with emptiness,
Tried to change the content it’s too big a strife.

Everyone seems to have ambition, cause,
You don’t, you’re just lost.
Lost in the maze, unwilling to accept,
Can’t back out of this, confront it,
And hope that you’ll adapt.

“Why am I so different,
Just want to lead a normal life”,
Guess sometimes it’s true,
Grass can be greener on the other side.

“Can anyone come and save me?”
“No kid you’re on your own”,
Days filled with just thinking,
Sitting all alone.

Gotta stop this self-pity,
No use in worrying ‘bout then,
No more questions like;
will my life change and when.

My life changed today,
Why did it take me so long to see,
All the way up to this day,
The only problem I had was me.

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