Always on my minf

And it all goes so fast.
You were everything for me
We were everything for each other
But yeah, that’s how it goes.
i don’t regret what i’ve done
i really don’t
‘cause you’re happy now
And that’s what count for me.
But it’s still hard
It’s like i’m woke up and i see the things i didn’t gave you.
I’ve done things, without thinking of the consequences.
And yeah, i have really sorry of that.
i’ve got hundred wake up calls, but i’ve slept through them all.
That’s also a reason why i lost you
And now… i’m awake
It was fantastic to be your girl
You were so special
You still are & you’ll always be.
Just thinking of the beautiful moments we had
Everytime i look into your beautiful eyes,
Everytime i hold you, i kiss you
Everytime we laugh, we cried
Everytime you wrapped your arms around me
Everytime you did the crazy things you do..
I’ve learnt so much from you..
you let me show what life really is
And how real love feels
I’ll never forget…
Letting go isn’t giving up,
it’s accepthing that some things just aren’t meant to be…

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