All the things I tried to do

I have to say,
That im sick and tired of this fucking games you play.
You say you want to learn to know me,
But if you act like this
this is as good as it can be.
You have to give me a change,
Before there can be any romance.

I cannot win, if you wont let me in.
But damn girl letting you
go would be a sin.
But I guess I have no choice,
Since I can’t prevent you
from being with other boys.
Its not like I want to do that,
But for fuck sake…
I miss you so bad.
Even if you were my girlfriend
just for a day,
Breaking up wasn’t really okay

I was trying to change,
just for you
But you acted distant to
me like I had the flue.
If you still haven’t noticed all the things I tried to do..
Then damn girl…

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